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Hi just wondering if anyone can help... I have received an email from outlook saying that my personal information has recently been changed. To ignore the email if I changed it, but that if I didn't change it then it could mean that my account has been hacked. It suggests that I follow a link to check the recent changes. How do I know if this is a legitimate link or if its a scam? It's asking me for my email address and password. I don't want to type these into a scam... Please can anyone help?


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It sounds like a scam trying to steal your login info and hack your account. These are known as phishing scams. Do -NOT- click the link or reply to the email, but to see for yourself trying hovering over the link with your mouse and look at the address it's really linking to. You should be able to see that it goes to a site that doesn't make sense. Other possible clues include bad english in the email and information that isn't personal such as "Dear Customer". Please feel free to attach a screen shot of the email in a reply to this post so others can learn from your example. I also recommend that you turn on 2 factor authentication for your Outlook account to help protect your account security, if you don't already have it turned on.