Problem with accessing hotmail and replying to messages only goes into preview


New Email
First often hotmail is taking a long time to load sometimes. If it loads I have simply been getting into preview without it saying any reason why. I can't reply to any messages in preview and it is often difficult to access messages.
In addition to this I have a mail program connected to my hotmail account. I often don't get messages for days even weeks with this program. The good thing is if I actually access my hotmail account which can take an awfully long time messages my mail program missed will start to show up.
One note is my internet browser is an older version of safari so hotmail often would ask if I want to upgrade. However, my mom accesses her hotmail email on my computer and she doesn't have this problem. However, it was often difficult to get into my moms email after being on the preview with my own hotmail account so the problem would not seem to be with my browser. If it wasn't assumed my computer is a mac.