problem on Nokia X7

Rishi Gupta

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don't know what happened to my phone, whenever i raise it to make a call, it starts hitting the other options on the screen.

does anyone know what is this ???


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Does it always do that or only when it plugged in and charging?

My iPhone freaks out when I'm plugged into the car charger.

Rishi Gupta

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it start doing so only when i have to attend a call or when i make calls. it is very annoying, please get me rid of this if you can...


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After doing some research, it seems this is a common problem with those phones. Try to see if there is an update you can run. If that doesn't work, you may have to take it to a Nokia shop for repair.

Rishi Gupta

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no there's no update available..yeah i am also thinking to take it to the Nokia care shop.

before that let me search a bit on internet if i find something, other wise the last option is always the Nokia Care