Printing Out Headers in a Mozilla Thunderbird Draft Email


New Email
I am a long-time user of Eudora who recently made the switch to Mozilla Thunderbird. I like Thunderbird very much, but there is one problem that I find problematic for me.

While composing a draft email, I am unable to print out a copy with relevant headers: date, subject, "from," "to," "cc," and "bcc." Other programs (e.g. Eudora and Apple Mail) do this easily, but Thunderbird is causing me fits. I have to put the draft email in the "sent" mailbox and then print out the draft email. But this is cumbersome and inefficient.

For people who proofread the names in their emails and other header info, this is a big deal.

Is there some simple way to do this? Are there add-ons that address this? Any other recommendations?

I know that Apple Mail does this, and I believe others do as well. What's going on with Thunderbird?

Thank you