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pop3toimap.pl is a tool for copying a user's messages from a POP3 server to an IMAP4 server. pop3toimap.pl makes a POP3 connection to the POP3 host and logs in with the user's name and password. It makes an IMAP connection to the IMAP host and logs in with the user's IMAP username and password. pop3toimap.pl then fetches each message from the user's POP3 account and copies it to the user's IMAP account.

If you supply 993 for the IMAP port then the connection will be made over SSL. Similarily for POP if you specify port 995. Note you must have the IO::Socket::SSL Perl module installed as well as openSSL.

The usernames and passwords are supplied via a text file specified by the -u argument. The format of the file of users is:

<popUsername> <password> <imapUsername> <password>

If you have a question about using this script please reply.

If you would like to download the script please see How to get the IMAP Tools.