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Can someone help me help someone else? I have been helping a couple of people I know with their "computer problems".:confused:
The latest is; their e-mail got hacked, Yahoo. A friend has helped them secure it and has put them onto IMAP. I now find that this isn't suiting them. There are two of them who use one e-mail address. They want to get e-mails onto their individual laptops and deal with them there. So if one has answered an e-mail, and then filed in a folder, the other may never see it. They both want to receive ALL mail form the server and then deal with it on an individual basis on their own laptops. Is there any way IMAP can be set to do this or do we have to go back to POP? Is POP less secure?




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Hi Phil,

Is it required that both know there was a response? It sounds like what they really need some sort of free open source tracking system that gets it's input from their email address. Try some variations on Google searches for "free php help desk".

POP vs IMAP - There is no meaningful security difference between POP3 and IMAP4. Both send unencrypted passwords to the server. If the hosting provider supports POP3+SSL or IMAP+SSL that's an improvement over the regular ports. Yahoo supports SSL.

What was done to secure the account after it was hacked? Make sure the password is changed, unexpected forwards are removed, and that security questions & answers are changed too. Here are some additional recommendations - http://www.emailquestions.com/yahoo-mail/6627-prevent-your-yahoo-mail-account-being-hacked.html

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Hi! popowich.

Thanks for prompt reply:D

I am not entirely sure what was done to secure the account. I know the password was changed. I am seeing them tomorrow and will look into it.

They had been using POP before without any problems. I had set it so the server kept a copy of the mail for 30 days in case one was travelling and could only access e-mail intermittently. They would then still receive all mails. And could then deal with the mail on their own laptop however suited them best. eg if one got an e-mail only relevant to the other person they could just delete it. Do that on IMAP and the one who needs to see it may never do so!

I will see about setting up POP with SSL.

Thanks again!:thanks: