Pluto Mail Review


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Pluto Mail is an email system that supports automatically expiring email messages that self destruct after a predetermined time.

This functionality appears to work because after sending an email an image of the original message text is sent to the sender allowing the editing and expiration of an email to be controlled by the Pluto Mail service.

Sending an email from Pluto Mail works like and has the basic options of any other email system:

Pluto Send Email.JPG

The original email can be viewed by the recipient as text by clicking a link that leads back to the Pluto Mail web site:

Pluto Mail view original text.jpg Pluto Mail original text as web page.JPG

Sent emails can be edited before they are read. Sent email can also be manually eliminated at any time.

To eliminate an email after it has been sent go to your Pluto Mail control panel and select "manage emails", then check the eliminate box and click the link to eliminate the selected emails:

Pluto Eliminate Emails.jpg

The following options are currently configurable in the senders settings:

Pluto Mail Settings.JPG

There may be some bugs with the system as it is current in Beta, and there may some mail services that it is not compatible with yet.

A test email to my Yahoo Mail account running in full featured mode caused script timeout errors. I gave up after letting it try three times to finish running the script:

Pluto Mail Error.JPG

Please keep in mind that email is never 100% safe or private. In this case it's possible for the recipient to preserve expiring messages by taking a screen shot or saving the text from the original email before the sender eliminates the original message.

If you would like to try Pluto Mail for yourself please request an invite to Pluto Mail.