Please Help Me?? Female being cyberstalked..


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I am a female, that I am not even sure my soon to be ex is not reading, but my IP's come in as so many different things, if I submit something to a site this is the IP I get, however when I get an email from my EX it has so many IP'S, the latest is, which as I have read to be a new Yahoo Ip. Also, when I use my magic jack, it gives you the IP, and it matches his many of G-mail and/or Google accounts. I have been told by Yahoo Help desk that the headers from his email to mine don't match, that a yahoo ip should be at the bottom of the header, I need help knowing that he doesn't have a way of seeing what I do, from his own computer.. I know what a Keystroke program is, but there are things that I don't know what they mean on here. I am a Domestic Violence Victim going through the divorce from a controlling person and I am so paranoid. I often lose anything I save, lost all my pics, things that are important, but then at times they (some) appear again. I have gotten to where I have to write everything down, but I delete my temp files each nite, as it is also set up to do so, and yet they appear again.. I don't know what to do, or what is going on.. in the last header it had the word "apache", which may mean nothing, but I don't have time to "google" everything. I am just trying to make a living and make my bills after 8 years of abuse. If anyone can help me, I would be so grateful, if not, and you need further informtation, I can send you a header, or whatever you may need if you know what or how to read them.

I am afraid to have it emailed to me, but if he has a key stroke, then what does it matter, right?? I know I am supposed to be the administrator of this computer, but there are things that I get the message of " you don't have access to this, or denied, etc"...I don't keep my messenger on, because I don't know if he see's what I do, ( which is nothing bad, I talk to one friend) so I am on there as invisible as either Cheryl or OBC, half the time it says Cheryl, or OBC???


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As the administrator you shouldn't receive an error that denies you access to anything that I know of EXCEPT if you try to log another user off that is logged in from the task manager. (if it's a newer computer) I used to be able to log anyone off from the task manager if I needed to as an administrator. On my new computer, I can't log my kids off from it although they are on limited user accounts. It doesn't make sense why they have changed that feature. As an admin, I should pretty much be able to do whatever I want but I can't do that one simple thing.

I'm lost a little bit with your post- are you concerned that his IP keeps changing? He could be using an anonymous proxy which would mask where he is sending emails from. My advice to you regardless if you are worried that he has access somehow to your computer is to get a new computer. There are too many things that could be installed on the one you use now that you can't get rid of without knowing exactly what it is, finding it, and knowing the exact steps to be completely rid of it. You can do a complete restore on your computer and still have malicious things left on your computer. A restore is not a surefire way to be rid of it.

To be absolutely safe, you should get a new computer and do not interact with him in emails at all. Do not open any emails at all unless you are sure of who the sender is. You should change my email address and do not give it to him. This may sound drastic, but if there are keyloggers or malicious programs on your computer, without knowing exactly what they are, you can't get rid of them.


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I'll help to clarify the Yahoo headers bit of this. Yahoo inserts the IP address of the sending computer at the bottom of the headers. Email headers should be read from the bottom to the top, but keep in mind that only the headers from servers you trust can be trusted. It's possible to insert fake headers into an email that are not really the source of the email. That said, here is what you are looking for in the headers from a Yahoo account :

Received: from [X.X.X.X] by via HTTP; 
Sun, 06 Nov 2011 11:28:20 PST X-Mailer: YahooMailWebService/ Message-ID: <> 
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2011 11:28:20 -0800 (PST)

The [X.X.X.X] is the IP address of the sending computer.