Please can anyone help me


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Thurs 20 March 2014 (Perth time) at around 8.15pm.
Hello to all, from a newbie. I need to express that I am going crazy trying to gain access to my hotmail emails. I mean, the procedure that Microsoft request us to go through, which I can tell you, if you haven't been though this hell, is LONG, INTENSE, CONFRONTING, and other expletives I won't place here. I've tried the entire process they want, such as - type in last 4 digits of either my landline or mobile phone number, um,,,provide the address of a recent email recipient used on your hotmail account, type in something I used in the "subject line" of one of my recent emails, and on we go. Then they said they would text me a temp password to my phone, WHICH NEVER HAPPENED!! It's bloody like fort knox....ridiculous security when we are simply talking about emails, NOT a bank logon password, or other Government logon password. Heavens above....why can't they just run the normal identity protocol with me, then just change my password to a temporary one, that I can use to logon with, then I can create a new password, once I'm in.!!!
Has anyone else gone through this nightmare??? I'm still NOT able to successfully receive a response from Microsoft or anyone I've tried online for that matter, who can guarantee they can help me get a new password, access my hotmail...whatever. In fact, last night, Perth time, West Australia, I was in the mood to put myself through this crap again so started googling the usual "Help me I'm Desperate re Hotmail" type questions, and ended up finding a link to a site who, for a small fee of something like $58.00, would 95% guarantee an answer to my problem, once they had processed my credit card. But....95% for $58 ??? Well they did offer a support email address which I used, and they explained a bit about their service...BUT why should any of us PAY anyone to get into our OWN emails? Frankly, I myself do not care if my hotmails get hacked....good on them....too bad I cant hack the bloody account myself and read my own emails. It's been weeks, no, actually months, since I first tried to retrieve my password, and with my job and the kids, I haven't got time to spend online every night trying to get a solution to this.
Can anyone out there please please help me?


Customer Service
The site offering to help you, is not hotmail. Hotmail is not charging you to get into your account. It is very frustrating. Most times, unless there is vital information in emails that people need or the email address is very important, I would just suggest to make another account. You will have to make another account anyway if you can't get back in and you can save yourself some more aggravation.

I have heard many people say it is a monumental task to get password issues straightened out with hotmail. It's not impossible, but it's not easy. They have to make it tough so that they aren't duped into allowing access to someone's account by someone other than the owner. I understand you are upset by the process but you might be even more upset if they allowed a nosy ex to bypass their security and get into your emails. They do it for a reason. I'm sorry it has caused you so much grief.

Try the suggestions here if you haven't already:

If you do make another account, be sure to use all extra verification steps and keep them up to date. Do everything you can to safeguard your account. Make sure you register your cell number and an alternate email address in case you have to reset your password. You should also request a text and/or email if you try to log in from an unrecognized device or change your password. (if they offer those options)

Take all the steps you possibly can NOW BEFORE you run into a problem with your new account if you have to create one. As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure." Good luck!!


New Email
Response to Teresa. Thanks heaps for your advice and help.
Again last night I tried the Msoft verification process that includes sending a code to my mobile phone, once I have supplied the last 4 digits of my phone no. Well they actually did go through with this, and did text me a code but when I typed it in to the "awaiting" logon page, I got yet another message saying something like "since you opted for a multiple password retrieval process, we will have to verify your identity again". So, I was not freaked out enough by this stage, and went ahead to the second verification....but my phone battery went flat....and by the time I had charged it and could see the code in my inbox, typed it in at the same verification page but got the message "this is only a temporary service - pls try again later".
So I was pretty upset by then, and wanted to chuck anything I could out the window, plus it was very late where I live at that stage. I'm gonna try again, later, but I've heard that even once the successful texted code is received and typed in, AND - God forbid - you do finally get into your hotmail inbox....then DON'T LOG OUT - for a while. Because once you log out, apparently you have to go through the whole 2 step verification process to mobile phone or landline all over again!!!.... One certainly has to be in the right frame of mind to take this on. Thanks again for your help. Cheers....Maybelle. Fri 21/3/14 1.40pm