picture in a message


New Email
:thanks:I am new to e mail in that I haven't really used it that much the question I have right now is how do I include a picture in a message?


Customer Service
When you create a new email to send, there should be a button that says "attach" or "attach files." When you click that, there should be a "browse" button. Click on the browse button and select the location on your computer where the picture is and then click on the picture itself that you want to attach. After you click on the picture, there will be another button that says "open". Some programs will also have one more step and you will have to click on "attach files" underneath that. It's difficult to be specific since I have never seen this particular email program in person.

If you still can't figure it out, I can log into your computer remotely with team viewer if you want me to and I can see how your specific program works and make you a step by step guide with screenshots to walk you through it. My fee is $19.95 via paypal for the first hour. It's refundable if I can't figure it out (it shouldn't be a problem and should be fairly simple) If you do end up paying the fee for help, we want 100% feedback and would like you to comment here and/or on our facebook page that we helped you and that you are a happy and satisfied customer.