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I would like to take a moment to voice a concern about a recent issue that is bothering me. There are some companies including M&T Bank and Geico that all of a sudden are sending email to an email address they collected from me over five years ago. The emails contain at least partial account, payment and other personal information that can be used to identify or impersonate me. When contacted they updated their email address for me but it did not occur to them to verify the email address was correct before starting to send personal information to it. In my situation the email address is associated with a web site that I sold several years ago and I'm likely not the only one reading the emails forwarding through it. I have no need to receive these emails either. Geico has been auto debiting my checking account for years. Why do they need to remind me now that they will be debiting me every month? With all the problems of today's internet including phishing and identity theft you'd hope that companies would know better than put their customers at unnecessary risk.
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I'm only a recent Gieco customer but they're saving me $100/mo over Progressive so I'm not going to complain :D Every month they send me a billing reminder about a week before they pull the payment. I appreciate it only because it's not the exact same amount every month.

I have little doubt they changed their policies and started emailing reminders because people's payments bounced or people complained that they pulled without warning even though you clearly sign up for monthly auto-debits when you do month by month billing vs. paying the whole 6 months at once.