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When I try to send an email to one particular address, the email will not send and I get a message that says "the message was rejected for the following reason: permanent failure: message delivery failed. If you believe this message is in error, please review the user service agreement and contact support". Although I have never written to this address before, it is a valid address, one that is provided by a trusted site. I contacted my ISP and they said they are not blocking the sending of it.

I retyped the same message and tried sending it to a friend who I email regularly. The email would not send, and I received the same message.

It was a friendly message, with nothing objectionable in it. Can anyone explain why it won't go through? Thanks.


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Hi wheater,

Can you copy/paste the complete bounce message including the mail server names involved?

It will be much easier to tell you exactly where the problem is happening with this information.

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