People Who Are Smarter Than I About Being Blocked Of Of Hotmail


New Email
A hacker has erased thousands of my Childrens photos from Dropbox, totally deleted, births, first food, first words
...This leaky mans private part has locked MY out of all of my emails
How can I, A) Find and kill his entire family. Or B.) Retrieve my tem year old Hotmail account that contains years of important documentation. y over ten year old Hotmaol accoun?/PLEASE, PLEASE someone help me
And before anyone starts bashing on me, that reset crap the give you DOES NOT WORL? O have been trying for over a month now
It's total B.S. Why cant they just give me a temp password an be done with it?


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Generally with Dropbox if you request so on their forums support will roll back any changes you request.

You can also go on Dropbox's web interface and click on the trash can. This will show deleted files/folders and you can restore them from there.