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There are some interesting stats here - Survey Reveals How Stupid People are With Their Passwords - including :

  • 4 in 10 respondents shared passwords with at least one person in the past year
  • 75% of people use the same password for Social Networking Sites and their email accounts
  • Young people are 3 times more likely (12% overall) to share a password in a text message
  • 86 percent do not check for a secure connection when accessing sensitive information when using unfamiliar computers
  • Almost half of Facebook users (47 percent) use their Facebook password on other accounts and 62 percent of Facebook users never change their password
For more tips about password security review our password security guide here :


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The last item in the article you linked to above says
Say no when browsers offer to save your password – Web site browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer have a feature which lets users save passwords for later use. The most widely distributed password stealing Trojans, including Zbot and SpyEye, know where to look and how to steal that information if you get infected. This also applies if you use an FTP client.
I'm curious if most people follow this guideline. I don't, I'm afraid. I'm the only user on my computer and I have passwords saved in either LastPass or my browser (FF & Opera). I realize I can't ever be 100% sure that there isn't a trojan on my computer that's poised to steal my passwords, but I also can't remember the 30-something character passwords I use for my email accounts. So I end up erring on the side of convenience by letting the browser or LP remember it for me.


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I generally try to only save passwords that aren't critical, but now and then force of habit gets me to click "remember me" somewhere.

You can go into the saved passwords in your browser and manually delete critical ones such as your online banking if they were accidentally saved.