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Before I talk about my problem, I need to say that I have tried pretty hard to look for help all over the site and have not found anything. This is my last hope to recover my account, so please help me and not redirect me anywhere unless it will seriously help me(guaranteed fix).

I forgot the password of my really old hotmail account. When I attempt to recover it, I reach the option of answering my security question. However, the question cannot be read. It shows up as random characters. I've also tried selecting the option of "customer support". However, I don't remember any of the old passwords I've used, but I do remember the name and age I used to register on it. I remember some emails that I've had (mostly used for a game) Please help! Thank you.

Characters were enlarged so it could be viewed easier.

Looks like this: The secret answer to your question: أفضل مُعلم


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This jumps out at me as a hacked & converted to Arabic account.

I'm not certain this will help without first getting your password back :

It would be interesting if the CAPTCHA's displayed to hacked accounts used Arabic characters.

What happens if you try using a different web browser (IE vs. Firefox) ?

If the above guide does not help you may be best off asking for direct help from Microsoft in the Windows Live Help Forums.

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