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I am not sure what a "thread" is but I am looking for help. Within the
past two weeks, when I try to retrieve my emails I get a message saying I need to post my password. I have never had to use a password to get my emails and if I did create a password at some time I no longer remember what it is.
And sometimes I am able to retrieve the messages. I need to know what my password is or create a new one.
Please advise.
Thank you,
Eileen Kawola


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Hi Eileen,

A thread is the name for any question or discussion posted in forums like our site Email Questions.

Are you saying that you are receiving emails that are asking for your password? If that's the case, those are phishing emails that should be marked as spam/junk and deleted.

If an unexpected web site is asking for your password that could be a sign of trouble too.

How do you read your email? It would help if we knew exactly what you are seeing or the process you can use to reproduce the problem

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