I am a user. I use a Mac computer and run Tiger. I also use google mail to do my e-mail.
My problem is I have increased my speed at rr to help with web searching and now I seem to be having trouble going every where. My last couple of e-mails I have sent got held up by a message that read, "Oops sorry server error". Roadrunner customer service tells me everything is working on there end. I think everything is working right on my end. How do I find out what is going on? Is it RR? Is it Google mail? Is it something else?
I am not a pc wise person. I can follow directions. I am trying to learn, so if there is anything you can help me with to correct/figure out, I would appreciate it.:)


Customer Service

Are you using gmail to read and send your email or are you using gmail to read and send your RR email?

(are you using an email program on your computer or are you going directly to the gmail page to log in?)

The best first step is to use to make sure that everything is up to date.
Thank you for the reply, Theresa. I am running Firefox on my Mac. I log in to gmail to both receive and sent my mail. My cable is Road Runner which I also have a email address. Do my emails go to both servers or to just one or the other? I'm not sure exactly how the mail system works. My wife uses a laptop with Windows 7 and is having trouble getting some of her mail. She uses gmail and road runner.
Should you have 2 email addresses or only one? So many questions, so few answers. I don't know where the starting point is.


Customer Service
Yes you will have two different emails in that case. (one is gmail and the other is road runner) They are two completely different companies.

So when you go to the gmail page to log in, is that working fine and you are just having trouble sending email and getting the error?