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Hi there! I have been really stuck the last few days and would be 100% grateful if someone could help me out here.

Outlook 2010

I have been having massive trouble sending and receiving emails from 1 account.

I have 2 accounts set in outlook and can send and receive from 1 of them no problem and the other doesn't send or receive. They are both from the same mail server.

It will send and receive if I close Outlook, Kill the process and restart. Also if I put the settings into outlook on another computer it works just fine.

I have tried:

Re installing Outlook
Repairing Account
Deleting Email Address
Turning off Firewall
Turning off Anti Virus + Mail Scanner addins
Checking and unchecking "my server needs auth"
I have no option to "log on to mail server before sending"

If anyone could help I would be very grateful.

Many Thanks,



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Hi Dan,

What is your outgoing SMTP mail server setting?

Do you have the same setting set for both accounts?

What error messages are you getting when trying to send email?

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Hello and thanks for the reply.

Settings are the same apart from 2 things 1 is pop3 one is IMAP and IMAP has my server requires authentication ticked ( IMAP is the one not working)

Settings are standard with port 25 and none is security.

I have no error message it just hangs.

Thanks for your help



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Which ISP or email service are you trying to send through that hangs?

Are you saying that you are using the same SMTP outgoing mail server configuration for both accounts but the one with outgoing authentication required checked is the one that is failing?

If they are different server names it's possible switching the port 25 that isn't working to port 587 + authentication will fix the problem.

Knowing which ISP or email service you're sending through will help us get you the correct settings if still needed.


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I'm in Ireland the ISP is utvinternet

Yup that statement is correct. The one ticked doesn't work, but when I put the same settings on another PC it does work

I will try setting changes in the morning as I'm not at the PC tonight.