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Discussion in 'Help Desk' started by Stephen Dalziel, Oct 12, 2013.

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    Oct 12, 2013
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    I changed my Outlook settings on my computer this week from POP3 to IMAP. This was because my computer was on POP3 and my handheld on IMAP, and this explained why e-mails were disappearing from my handheld as soon as I'd opened Outlook on my computer. HOWEVER, I know have a couple of new problems and would be grateful for assistance!
    Firstly, I now have two Inboxes in my Outlook. I am gradually clearing the old one, as new e-mails now go to the new box (even though when I open up Outlook it still opens my old box and I have to open the new one manually; a solution to that would be useful - oh, they both have the same name, so I'm still receiving and sending e-mails as always).
    Secondly, when I delete e-mails from the new box, or move them to a different subject folder, they remain in the inbox but with a line through them. How can I get rid of them?!
    All help gratefully received!

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    Hi Stephen,

    Do you still have both the POP3 and IMAP configurations setup in your mail program?

    I can see why that would be confusing since the POP would most likely be downloading emails and the IMAP would be showing what is stored on the server.

    Are you trying to move the email that had previously been downloaded to your computer with the pop3 connection back up to the Outlook servers via the IMAP connection?

    :welcome: to Email Questions!

  3. foggy

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    I have Outlook 2007 and these suggestions are based on that:

    When you're in the Inbox, click on "View" (Menu Bar) > "Current View" > "Hide Messages Marked for Deletion." You'll need to do this in each Inbox (and any other folder) where you want such emails to be hidden from view. Now when you 'delete' one or more messages, you'll see them disappear from view.

    If you wish you can also go to Tools > Account Settings and highlight the IMAP account in question. Then click "change." In the first screen, click "More Settings." In the "General" tab see that "purge items when switching between folders" box is checked. This way, when you go from the inbox to, say, the draft folder and then back to the inbox, you'll be purging (not just hiding) the items marked for deletion. Keeps the trash from building up too much in your inbox. :) Trash folder still needs to be emptied, though, I believe -- either manually or automatically (if your provider allows for that).

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