Outlook not viewing message properly


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First time here. Thanks in advance for your help.

I know how to change the outgoing format of an email in Outlook (plain/rich/html), but I am not sure, can I change the way inbox messages are viewed?

For example, I received an email and there is a line in it which is bolded and highlighted. I can see this on a separate gmail account which was carbon copied on that specific email, but in my Outlook account, all the text looks the same.

Any searches I have done to try and figure it out simply point me to how to change the format of MY outgoing messages.



New Email
If your are unable to view the Oulook received messages, then you should do the following steps:
In Outlook > File, followed by Options
Navigate to the Mail section and scroll down to Message Format
Untick “Reduce message size by removing format information not necessary to display the message”