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I use Outlook Express and Windows XP SP3. I used Outlook Express on dial up many years ago. I particularly liked the feature to get a message that my email had been read on the receiving computer and to return a receiving message if needed.

I continued with Outlook Express because I am keen to retain my original email address as it became well known with various charity work I was doing. My email address is in the format xxxx@xxxxxxx.fsnet.co.uk. Fsnet which was Freeserve is now taken over by Orange.

With the introduction of broadband my internet provider is AOL UK. I have not used their email client @AOL.com because I did not want to change my email address.

After I had had AOL for a while my Outlook Express emails stopped going out. It was reported this was being blocked by AOL and if I wanted to continue using Outlook Express I would have to configure it to an aol.co.uk email address which I did not want to do. Outlook Express emails still come in so I use Orange’s web mail facility to send them out which is a real pain. If I have a really important email I want to be sure has been sent I still us my old dial up facility for Outlook Express.

I would be grateful if someone could please tell me how to send and receive emails in Outlook Express using my fsnet.co.uk email address while keeping AOL as my provider.




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Hi JamesEB,

What is the exact error or bounce message you received when trying to send as your custom domain through the AOL SMTP servers?

Is your outgoing mail server set to smtp.aol.com and using port 587?

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