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Hi all,

Please help if you can... would appreciate it.

Client has outlook express on a PC with XP SP3. He has 9 email addresses that have moved from his ISP to a new web host in the past week or so.
In the morning, the first 5 emails all send and receive ok, but on no.6 they time out with an error saying cannot connect to the POP 3 server - timed out. Cannot get to the other addresses because they are blocked by this one. This happens everyday until about sometime in between 11 - 1 pm when everything is back to normal and all emails come in ok. client says internet seems to be suspended at the same time - can get on google but then it times out.

Restarting the comptuer does not fix the issue. I checked with the new email host who says all settings are correct and there are no files waiting to be sent or downloaded (i.e. large files). I checked with the ISP who says nothing is wrong. I downloaded and installed the email setup files from the host for each of the addresses in outlook.
Mail for each address is being received in webmail, but not on the computer. Checked options and there is nothing to signify any delays in send or receive.

Deleted antivirus - didn't change. Made an Outlook Express an exception in the firewall - no change. Deleted and recreated all the accounts - no change. checked port settings - all as should be. Deleted and re-installed outlook express - no change.

Checked logs for applications and system and the only thing that might slightly be affecting is google updates. So I deleted everything to do with google - apps, toolbars etc. - no change.

I still cannot figure out why this particular email address is hanging every morning, then fine in the afternoon.

Any suggestions? This is driving me crazy!!!!


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My first question was going to be did you call the ISP and ask if your client is breaking any sort of pop3 connections per minute abuse limit but you already did that Try calling them again, sometimes different first level support techs will know different things. Also, if they still say that isn't the problem ask to be be escalated to double check and verify this truly isn't the issue.

Double check the settings for all of the email accounts are correct and that none of the server names have a type-o in them.

Who is the ISP hosting the email? Is their pop3 port 110? If so...

When the problem is happening, from the clients computer try a :

Start -> Run -> telnet {pop.server.name} 110

Does that hang, come back with a response that looks OK, or is there an error message that can be used by the ISP to help troubleshoot the issue?

If there is an error please let us know the ISP, error message, and pop limit (if it exists) so the information can be used to help other people with the same problem in the future.

:thanks: and Welcome to Email Questions!

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FYI, since you don't seem like a spammer, the Yahoo account that you used when you registered for the forums is not accepting new email :

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