outlook.com/ koo mail client


New Email
I am new here and my issue is a simple one. I use KOO MAIL CLIENT program as my primary email screen. KM allows me to list multiple web based mail accounts on one page. In this way I can send/receive mail from any one simply by choosing one I wish to send from. Incoming mail is placed in the appropriate account. The issue is forwarding. In KM all inned to do is enter the accponts I wish to see, go to each of those accounts and enable forwarding and I am done. Incoming mail is placed BOTH in KM and the web based account, in this case GMAIL. OUTLOOK.com(OTL) is different. That mail is both web based and a client. Incoming mail FROM my web based accounts are placed in a list of folders I create. In the opposite direction OTL DOES allow forwarding but ONLY to a specific web based account NOT to another client. There is no choice called "ENABLES POP AND/OR IMAP FORWARDING". I need to enter a web based address. I could add GMAIL which would list both GMAIL and OTL in the GMAIL folder. I want the two to be placed in their own folders as are the other accounts. Is there a solution? The answer I received from their community was useless as always. Please reply to reeltoreelguy@gmail.com. Thanks.