Outlook 2007 and Yahoo Mail


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Is it possible to use both Outlook 2007 and the Yahoo mail server to manage e-mails? Can they exist in both places and synch up?:thanks:


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I am going to attempt to answer your question the best I can. When setting yahoo mail up in outlook what happens is this. The Outlook client downloads mail from server. Depending on configuration you have two options.
1. Download email and leave a copy on server(Fills up fast and stops mail from being received when full)
2.Download email and do not leave a copy on server.

In regards to the client and email server syncing that is more or less what occurs when you login to Outlook to check your mail. I would not recommend managing email from multiple clients. Ex web page and Outlook.

Pick a solution that works for you and stick with it. This will work best.

If you have any other questions I am here don't hesitate to contact me.