Other people cannot view images in any emails that i forward to them


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Recently i have been getting reports from friends and family that any emails that i forward that contain any images/pictures within the email it's self: (ie not an attachment) are not being shown at all. They get a little red cross where the picture should be. These types of emails are generally joke emails that i have received from other people, viewed them ok myself and then forwarded on to other people. This is not just from my sky email but also my wife's as well. I use Sky email in the UK

Any ideas why this is happening? I have changed nothing in the settings and thought perhaps it might be the computer so tried it on another and still encountered the same problem.
Any thoughts are appreciated.



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Most likely it is their computer blocking images. If you send a test forward to example@EmailQuestions.com we'll be able to see for certain if the problem seems to be with their computer or with the email that's being forwarded.

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