Oracle Identity mgmt - The AccessGate is unable to contact any Access Servers - raw_code 301


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Hi all,
I work with Oracle Access manager 11g.
I have configured 11g webgate on the same host as access server but still getting the same error:
The AccessGate is unable to contact any Access Servers.” raw_code^301
2010/07/12@17:01:38.000695 471274 0 ACCESS_GATE ERROR 0x0000151A /export/home2/abuild/Oblix/10142ce/palantir/webgate2/src/isprotected.cpp:219 ”Failure to connect to Access Server”
i have checked all configurations but still unable to identify the problem. please suggest me any recovery.
(i have tried reconfiguring webgate also) I need your help on this. please help me out so that i will be done with the work on which i am stucked since las two weeks...

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This doesn't appear to be an email question but I think I can still help provide some Solaris O/S troubleshooting.

What port do the access servers run on? Can you manually do a telnet to port test from the access gate to the access servers? Does it dead hang (implies a firewall problem) or get a connection refused (implies service not running)? Does it connect and something else is the problem?

Are you running NTP on the servers? Some services depend on correct clocks to work correctly. Either way it's good practice to have correct time on your servers.

Can the servers ping each other? Can you see the services running with ps and netstat?