Opening Yahoo email


New Email
When accessing my email from my home or office I can't open, delete or compose a new email. When I select help or my yahoo or make any other selection it locks up, I have to just close it. It has been doing this for weeks. But I can open, delete or do anything i want from my phone!


Customer Service
Could you possibly have a virus on your computers? If your home or office pc is infected, there is a good chance they both are. Try running your virus protection program and see if it finds anything. You could also try opening your yahoo mail from a different computer. (a friend or family member) It sounds to me like you have a virus if it works fine on your phone. Even if you run your antivirus program and find nothing, I would still test it from a friend or family member's computer to be sure there isn't a virus that is not being detected.

Let us know what happens so we can help other people in the future.