Only seeing emails from certain senders


My Hotmail seems to be broken. I have search these forums for a solution but so far I can't find an answer that addresses this specific problem:

I can only see email from certain senders. Everything else does not appear.

As trouble-shooting I have done the following:
  • verified the account

  • changed security question and password​

  • made sure that emails send from the problem Hotmail account are received by others... They are
  • verified that senders have the correct email address... they do... they have used the reply feature and confirmed that their emails were sent with no bounce back. I know this because I have been chatting with several people via FB to help me trouble-shoot this​
  • checked my spam filtering and junk email folder....the missing emails are not there​

So, why is Hotmail blocking emails from my friends?

Why can I see emails from some people/businesses but not all?

Does anyone have an answer for this please?


That's very strange. These people are also in your address book?
Does that matter?

I mean, if I give my email address to someone then I shouldn't have to add them to my address book before I can get an email from them, right? I didn't have to do that when I ran with an ISP email address. So I shouldn't have to do that now just to make Hotmail work either. Them being or not being in my address book should make absolutely no difference at all, right?


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Yes, it does matter.

Hotmail and the "other ISP" will have very different anti-spam systems.

Hotmail does in fact recommend that you add legitimate contacts to your address book, it's a signal to them that you want email from those addresses.

Also, make sure any settings such as From: and Reply-to: fields in any mail programs that you are using are set correctly and don't contain any typos.

There are also email rules, blocked senders, etc that can be checked in your Hotmail / Outlook settings too.

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Thanks for the reply, but I'm not sure that really helps me.

1) as an ex-user of Microsoft Outlook I never had to add any senders addresses to my email address book and I still got mails perfectly well

2) I had a friend set up a completely brand new Hotmail account and send me a mail. I also sent him one. He got mine. I never got his.

I'm looking for an answer - including a set of "do this, then this...." steps to fix this Hotmail problem. Can anybody help or is Hotmail a lost cause? :confused: