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Here's my situation:

I am assisting a cub scout den that uses Google Calendar to schedule events and meetings. I want to be able to use Google Calendar to send reminders to all scout families in my Pack.

Currently, Google Calendar will send a reminder to the calendar owner (an email account we have called 'packadmin'). I know I can set up a filter to forward that reminder email to another email address.

What I'd like to do is have that other email address that it forwards to be setup to then forward it on to all the scout families, about 100 email addresses. And I'd like that list to be manageable (add, drop, maybe include first name, last name, etc, along with the email address).

I've tried Mail Chimp and it appears to have a great way to manage the lists, but I don't see how I could tie that to Google Calendar's reminders, ie I couldn't find where to set up so one email would sent to all the names on my list.

A similar pack to ours is using this and found a way to get it working using Yahoo Groups. I also researched Google Groups to do this. But the problem with that is that it requires people to sign up, and with a setup like I have (parents who don't always go out of their way to sign up), I'd like to just import my list of addresses in, call that a solid list, and be able to automatically send out notifications.

In summary: I need a way to have an email address setup that will then forward to a large list of email addresses.

What do you guys think? We even have some money in a budget to do this, so a $10/month fee or something is doable as well. Just need a solution.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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The poor man solution to keep this at $0 is to save your list of addresses in a text file and copy/paste them into Google as you create events.

I think the best solution is closer to $10/yr than $10/month

Register a domain name for the pack from Godaddy such as

You might need to add a town name <town> like

The domain hosting from Godaddy has free email credits.

Use those credits to create the forward you want, such as that goes to everyone in the pack.

Then set your Google calendar to email that families "mailing list" (it's really a forward with lots of recipients)

Bonus! It's possible to create a small web site for the pack too :)

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