Not recieving mail after server migration!?


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Hi all, any advice would be well recieved.

I migrated email server at the weekend (nearly 3 days ago) and since then I have all the websites move fine but the emails have been iffy. I can send emails through all of the mailboxes for the various domains on the server but I am not recieving mail consistently.

On some email accounts on some domain I am getting incoming mail, some domains Im getting none and other domains are just rejecting all mail that is being delivered to them and returning NDR to senders.

All of the domains have the same nameservers which have been updated and all have the same mx records set on the server.

I have done a intoDNS check and a propagation check and everything has moved over fine and I can connect mail clients to the mailboxes I just cant seem to recieve any messages.



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What is one of the domain names and the complete NDR message that's being returned for an email to that domain?