Not receiving emails sent from certain people


New Email
Greetings! I have searched for common problems and found a similar but not exact concern in feb 2010 on your web site.

Individuals are sending emails to my yahoo account. They do not receive a failure email. I don't receive an email in any format: Not in spam or inbox or deleted. I have checked to see if the addresses are blocked but they are not. my email has been hacked previously by the non-virus that takes control of your contacts and sends them advertisements. I think I still have issues with this concern, as people still say they get emails "from you" even though I have not sent anything to them. I don't know if its pertinent information. I can get the emails at my other yahoo account, but the sad thing is I am not sure who is being blocked and who is not and how to stop it. Any thoughts? Thank you for your time and efforts, Mary