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I'm having the exact same problem as this chap did last year with not being able to send emails to Hotmail, Outlook, Live, MSN email addresses. I can receive from them fine but emails from my business email address to these domains are not being received. Any other email domain is also being received fine i.e. Gmail etc. The guy who hosts my emails keeps telling me I need to change the outgoing server details but that isn't working either. They were being received fine by Hotmail until about a week ago and I have not changed any settings. I only realised this this morning as I received a maildaemon email from an email I'd sent a week ago. I logged into my Cpanel and all Hotmail emails had not been successful this week. However tonight when I was sending tests CPanel said they were successful but my husband nor I have received the tests to our Hotmail accounts yet. I've lost $2k in business this week because of this problem :(

Is someone able to help me? I'm so bad at this technical stuff

Hotmail/MSN/Outlook Accounts not Receiving our emails


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What is your business domain name?

Does your outgoing mail server belong to your company or does it belong to "the guy"? What is the IP address of that mail server?

Is that mail server dedicated to your company, or do other companies also send email using that server?

Most likely that mail server is experiencing a new abuse problem such as a compromised account being used for spamming.

Please ask "the guy" for a copy of the mail logs related to your missing email that was sent to Hotmail.

If you know how, please post the full headers of an email that successfully made it to Gmail, or if you don't want those in public please send them to me in a private message.

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