No Time To Write a Newsletter?


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I get asked all the time about content that goes into emails. One of the biggest problems most people that have websites is either finding the time to send a newsletter or finding content to put in the newsletter.

I have a little secret! I have not written content for a newsletter in years and yet my newsletter goes out often. If you are posting regularly to your blog you could use that same content for your newsletter.

I use Aweber and they have a feature called blog broadcast which automatically takes the content from your blog and puts it in a newsletter and sends it out for you. It is really easy to set up and you just drop your rss feed in the section and your newsletter subscribers get an email with a little content and a link to click to your site to read the rest of the article.

There are a few settings in Aweber where you can have it set to put out one post in a newsletter or up to 10 blog post and then the newsletter will go out. I use the every time my post is published most of the time. If you have a blog where you post every day you may want the settings to go every 3 articles or so.

It is really simple to do and no work on your end except post valuable content to your blog or website.