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don hirth

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Please advise. I switched from yahoo due to a hacker BUT I need the way
to be able to send a 'larger' amount of emails out at ONE TIME. When I tried to accomplish this by 'verifying' with my cell phone carrier 'C-Spire is not among the 5 or 6 listed. How can I work around this?

The email quantity item is important. Thanks, in advance, Don


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I'm confused.
1) Your carrier isn't the 5 or 6 listed for what?
2) what email are you trying to use?
3) how many emails are you trying to send at once?

don hirth

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Hi Theresa, When I redid my add. book to my new hotmail acct. (there were 15 names in it) I tried to inform my friends in ONE group mailing of my new email add. Hotmail 'stated' that to avoid spam, I was sending to too many at a time and to reduce the number. (take some names off) I know it sounds weird. The only 'work around' was that I could verify the
account by using my mobile phone and a fix would be sent. When I tried to do that a drop down list of 6 companies, e.g. AT&T and 5 others appeared.

My cell phone carrier is none of those on the list, so what is the solution
to being able to send to 15 - 20 people at a time? Weird.
Thanks. I tried to be as clear as poss. Don Hirth