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Discussion in 'Help Desk' started by Angie Boykin, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Angie Boykin

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    Jan 3, 2015
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    Is there a way to combine email address or change names after getting married without opening new accounts on each?

  2. foggy

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    Oct 23, 2010
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    Hi, Angie

    I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking. Perhaps you could clarify.

    Do you presently have two addresses each with your respective last names (like jsmith@gmail and bjones@gmail) and, if so, do you want to change both of them without needing to create a new account for the purpose? I’m not sure that’s possible.

    Or do you just want to change one address’ username to reflect a last name change (like change bjones@gmail to bsmith@gmail)? This might be possible with a paying provider who’s willing to accommodate the circumstances, though most will suggest opening a new account, to which they can help transfer your present mail).

    Or, if you’re keeping your respective last names, are you asking about having both names on both accounts for some reason (like jandbsmith@gmail)?

    When you ask about trying to “combine email address[es],” do you mean you want both of your addresses to be part of the same account, so that mail sent to both of you shows up in the same inbox in that account? If so, there are work-arounds for this, like auto-forwarding email from the jsmith@gmail account to the bjones@gmail account and setting up the latter to be able to send email out as if it were being sent from the jsmith@gmail account.

    So, based on my confusion (that's why I'm named 'foggy' ;)), maybe you could give more details, including who your provider is (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.). And do you both have accounts with the same provider?

    Thanks. :)

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