My Yahoo Mail Plus account is still showing ads, how do I fix it?


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My Yahoo Mail Plus account is still showing ads, how do I fix it?

I have tried contacting Yahoo Mail, no support, no customer service at all, just useless help links.

I am very disappointed in Yahoo mail. It started just recently, first the toolbar under the inbox, contacts, calendar shows up for a second until the top add appears and the the toolbar disappears. The top ad is very large knocks the toolbox away.

I upgraded to Yahoo Mail Plus, no changes at all, just lost 19 dollars for no good reason.



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According to the online help docs this is the current solution:

While it is not currently possible to remove the ads for free accounts in Yahoo! Mail, you can now temporarily hide the advertisement that appears on the right side of your Yahoo! Mail window. Click the narrow gray strip between your inbox and the advertisement. This hides the ad from view while you stay on the page. Once you refresh the page or visit another Yahoo! Mail page, another ad appears.

There is not currently a way to hide the full-page ads that appear when you empty a folder, or on the Sent Confirmation page.

Please note that Yahoo! Mail is made available in part by the advertising you view while using our site. While it is our utmost goal to choose ads that are pleasing to all users, we understand this may not be the case at all times and apologize for any frustration this may cause.


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The landing page says for Yahoo Mail Plus says:
Yahoo Mail Plus - Remove Ads.JPG

No Graphical Ads
- We’ve removed all graphical ads, so your experience is even more enjoyable.

I don't think it's right to pitch no ads as part of the service and then force people to have to click them away.


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I would not be happy about that at all. (and you know me, I'm the most easy going person you know) :rolleyes: