My users are not receiving emails from several senders

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I've had a couple people ask me this question the past week :

  • My users are not getting their email but it's only a problem for a few senders. Help!
My first questions when I'm asked this are :

  • Are all of the senders sending from the same domain name or email provider?
  • If they are from different ISP's what are their domains / outgoing mail server IP addresses?
  • What do your mail logs say?
  • If there is nothing in your logs what do their outgoing mail server logs say?
Most of the time the senders mail logs will have recorded what the source of the problem is. Maybe it's a blacklisting. Maybe there is software on their computers that is filtering the email. Maybe there is some miscommunication between a couple of the larger email providers. When you are not sure what's going on instead of guessing and trying to fix the maybes from your end get on the phone and have the senders technical support / mail admin watch their logs as their users try to send you an email. What was recorded in the logs? Go from there!