My spam score is 2.3 with message "Message only has text/html MIME'

amit rajora

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I have designed one html mail for marketing and wanted to send it via my gmail account. But after attempting this all the mail were bounced back with error

"Destination SMTP server does not want to receive message body." and "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently".

Can any one help me out why it is happening... I m in big trouble and needs to fix this ASAP.

For your reference i am attaching the script of my mailer.

Thanks in advance.:thanks:


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Hi amit,

There are hundreds of checks done by large email providers when figuring out if an email is spam.

There is a lot more that gets checked besides the content of your message.

What is your sending IP address?

The error about the message body isn't a good sign.

Looking at your TXT file your email feels spammy when reading it.

It's good that the domain name listed in there isn't blacklisted.

Are you only sending to people who want the email from you and following all the other rules that good newsletter senders comply with?

Do multipart MIME encoding and send a text version of the email along with the HTML version.

Try removing the form from the html part. Does that help with the scoring?

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amit rajora

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hi popowich

thanks for your quick response
now i have removed the form part from my mail and placed that contact form on my server and assign the redirect link on my mail.

But still it is showing the spam error

"HTML : images with 2400 - 2800 byte of words" &
"BODY: Message only has text/html MIME parts"

Can you please help me out and make the necessary changes on my code, i m new in html ?



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