My one of hotmail email id has been hacked and all the password and security info has been changed


New Email
Dear Sir,
My email id : has been hacked on 20th May,2014.I got a phishing email from an email id on dated May 18,2014 5:35 PM with subject :Microsoft account password reset.The details of this fake/phishing email/hacking email is -
"Dear Account Owner
We are having too many congested email due to the anonymous registration of Outlook on our database system.Please reconfirm your email account and information to know if your account is still active and will also be recorded on our new database system.
We request you to confirm and update your information today by following the link below
{phishing site removed}
member services "
My all security information has been deleted.I have kept my 3 alternative email id in case if I forget my password.The email ids are-
All these 3 email ids were removed and was replaced by a single email removal information I got in all above 3 emails.I could not see this removal information in india, as I went from Nepal to India from 12th May,2014-20.5.2014.I could access only hotmail id until 18th May,2014 from my mobile.When I came to Nepal on 20th May,2014,I found that I cannot access my hotmail account and has been hacked when I try to reset password by trying to get link in all above three email ids which I kept as a security and as an alternative email id for password reset in case I forget the password.
Perhaps I have clicked on the phishing link (as mentioned above) >>>>> {phishing site removed}
I have all other three alternative email ids which I used as a an alternative email id for password reset and security info, since a long time.I have also used my mobile no :+977-9842245354 previously,but I lateron removed it.In addition to it,I might have changed from Nepal to India as country.I am not sure about it.But when you look the history,I have been using Nepal as a country.This is due to frequent visit to India where I could not access the information due to country restriction in mobile number.You can see the history of my account.

Hence,I request microsoft account team/ microsoft technical team/ to reset my account security information back to earlier i.e do not make any change in my security information after May 12,2014 and kindly request to send me the link in my all above three alternative email id or this email

Currently,I am using from today my another email
I will be eagerly waiting for the reply.

With Best Rgds,
Suresh Rouniyar

PS.Kindly send me the reset link for the password of email id : into my all three email id :
Pls,remove the hacker email id: from my security info which I received on May 20 at 3:32 AM from Microsoft Account Team in all above 3 email ids.If you want to know my previous password,I am ready to give.