My Mother-in-law lost her account and alternate account


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My name is Tiffany and I've been trying to help my mother-in-law to contact hotmail so that she can retrieve her account. Her hotmail account was hacked into and started to send out spam (not her doing) saying that she was in London and needed money. When her brother told her about this, she tried to log into her account and it wouldn't take her password. She was asked a security question, but said that it was not the security question that she had put in place so she wasn't able to answer it.

So, in order to do seek help from hotmail, we had to make up an alternate email account, which she could get into when she made it, but can't get into it today. She also submitted a query in a forum and that's no longer accessable. I'm wondering if they just didn't think that it was her? Regardless, she needs her prior account back and I have no clue as to how to contact hotmail directly without going through this rigamarole that just gives us a headache. HELP!!!



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Thanks for the reply. But I've already done this and they shut down the alternate account. I want to speak to someone directly. Do you know an email address that I can get?

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Are you looking for an email address or a phone number?

The Hotmail customer service phone number is 1.800.386.5550.

An email address that you can try is

You can also try the MSN forums :


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Thanks for the information. I called the number that you gave me, but they were unable to help me as they don't deal with the free hotmail accounts and only the msn accounts. But there were able to direct me to email If that doesn't work, I will definitely try your email address :) Thanks for your help!