my hotmail problem for over 12 months hotmail account freezers. :(


i just want to get some suggestions from people.

about 13 months ago my hotmail account got frozen by a MSN/hotmail freezer bot. I know this because some one told me they used one on me. Also my paypal and financial accounts were all registered to the hotmail address and all my financial accounts including my paypal were all safe and were all not hacked. If my hotmail account was hacked. They would've also hacked other sensitive things like my paypal accounts etc.

Anyway what the freezer bot does is it basically ddoses the specific hotmail account by trying to log-in 24/7 using the incorrect password. therefore when you try to log-in hotmail has locked your account and would give you the message of You've tried to sign in too many times and you have to wait 24 hours right?

Well that is my problem. i have the correct password but hotmail has just locked me out. I have emailed microsoft support 5 times. all 5 times i have successfully reset my password incase it was the wrong password. but it isn't i know 100% i have the correct password as i have reset the password using the microsoft lost password form via the questionnaire.

I still get the you've tried to sign in too many times lock out message. I have got this message now for 13 months. OVER 1 YEAR! the stupid thing is that i thought maybe Hotmail would cancell/delete my account because i haven't logged in for over 6 months so i waited this long because i thought i can just create another account with the same email once hotmail deletes it. but it seems like the stupid hotmail account freezer bot attempts at logging into my account daily for the last 13 months means to hotmail that my account is active.

When will hotmail deactivate my account?

I have also emailed microsift support about 3 times reguarding this situation and their loophole with the msn/hotmail account freezer bots and wanted to know how i can get my account back when people used these things. I also have emailed microsoft support to try delete my account but i got no response whatsoever reguarding these questions. the only response from them i get is. Please try reset your password. Well i have 5 times and it didn't work.

Sorry i know this seems like a venting post/rant but i just badly want my hotmail account back and it's been over 12 months and i've tried everything. :(

please anyone with suggestions let me know


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Where did the response come from that told you to reset your password?

Here are all of the online tools, email addresses, and contact phone numbers that we are aware of :

In the last year Hotmail started supporting POP3 access to email accounts for members in the United States.

Have you tried to configure a mail program on your computer and use that to access your Hotmail ?

Please let us know if any of the additional solutions are able to help you resolve the problem or at least get you access to your email account.

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