My Hotmail can only send 10 emails per day


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A user of Hotmail who has been with the service for over 15 years is reporting that they have an email sending limit of 10 emails per day.

I confirmed this is not a general limit by sending 15 emails without receiving an error message.

The user also reports:
  • The emails have slides attached
  • They are sending to recipients who want the email
  • They are not sending to old email addresses
  • There is no suspicious activity alert from Hotmail
  • No bounce backs are being received (double check the Junk folder?)
  • Emails are sent individually To: each contact, no CC: or BCC:
  • Something is prompting the user to upgrade or provide phone number
  • The user has to verify they are not a bot after sending the first 5 emails
The following additional information could be useful:
  • What geographical region is this member?
  • A screen shot of the upgrade notice
  • A screen shot of the verify account notice to confirm it's Microsoft
I recommend the following actions in this order: