My friends skype a/c is linked to my hotmail a/c need help unlinking it


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Look our situation is that my friend used my computer through web interface to log into his skype. He doesn't have any hotmail or microsoft a/c only skype.
When I used the same browser to access my Hotmail account, somehow it linked my friends Skype a/c to my hotmail a/c without even giving me a warning.
So since that my friend has not been able to access his Skype a/c as the password is my hotmail a/c and his password has been disabled.

He accessed his Skype a/c on 26th december last and since then it has been linked to my hotmail a/c.

On 27th he has tried to recover his ID and you guys have told him that its not accurate data.

Can you verify me and unlink skype or change only skype password so my friend can access his skype a/c.
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