My ex hacked my phone and email

jade hummin

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Yes why does my outlook keep asking me for PW for null.Also what does SMPT server mean.In my settings under outlook acc it says unauthorised account/certificate?Sorry for drilling u guys but I really need to know.My soon to be EX husband has:is hacking crap out of iPhone.I found on his Imac recording phone conversations of me and all my voice memos.He reads my messages gets my codes he’s using my number as well as his 3 numbers.I could go on and on he’s a narsasist manipulative gaslighting freak.Hope for some answers cheers


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Call the police. Get a lawyer. Get a new phone and phone number. Do not sync it with any of your existing computers. Get a new laptop. Any email accounts that you do not abandon you must go through thoroughly to check all security settings and your multi factor authentication options.

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Hi Jade,

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