My email was hacked and changed


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Hi there, my email account was hacked and everything was changed to a different language and so I followed it step by step to get my settings back to english. It changed part of my account back to english but if I click on mail or on something else it goes back to the language it was changed too when it was hacked, what can I do??? I have tried to contact micro-soft numerous of times and have done the password reset and everything but nobody is able to help me with this at all. I have very, very important things in my email and photos that I can not ever get back. Please help me with this. I have had this email address for soooo long that I do not want to lose it at all. :(:thanks:


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After changing your Hotmail from Arabic back to English don't forget to also change your password AND verify all of your password reset information including forwarding addresses and account security questions & answers. It sounds like someone still has access and is switching you back to Arabic after you are fixing your settings.

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