MX record and your own domain name

I would like to know whether the name used for your MX record uses the name of your Domain Name.
I mean. Does your email provider (when you have Domain-Name and email separate) enable you to do this?
I do not think that Google Apps, for example, gives this ability.


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No, the MX record for most of my domains does not match my domain name.

As a user I would not consider it a feature. As a mail service provider it can be helpful.

Some mail services use it as part of their provisioning process, and I imagine it helps them to migrate customers internally to new mail servers as needed when a service has the ability to repoint the branded mx pop imap webmail etc names at new IP addresses. With low TTL's it could also be used as part of a scripted fail-over scheme to move the customers to a fail-over location within a few minutes.