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We are launching a new product and I am involved in supporting this product. The product is being marketed and supported through a domain different from our corporation and different from our partners domain (this is a joint venture). In other words, our standard company email is Our partners is The email address we will use to support the new product is Since this is a joint venture, support persons from both companies will need to respond to emails sent to About 7 people will have that responsibility. When they reply via email, the return email address needs to be coming from a single address - matter which of the 7 people claim the email and no matter what company they reside.

How can we accomplish this?



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Within exchange I had done this in the past by having those people share a role account and give them the ability to send from multiple From: addresses.

With this setup when they are replying to the email from the customer service role account they can change the From: from their personal email address to the

Under their exchange settings they will be able to add the second email account so it displays in the left side navigation of their Microsoft Outlook.


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Thanks very much for your reply. What exactly is a 'Role Account'. Is that the same thing as a mailbox?