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I use Mozilla Firefox and until recently I also used the New Yahoo Mail. I changed back to Yahoo Classic Mail because I completely lost my cursor when trying to type a new message. I could type in the address of the person I wanted to send the message to and also was able to type in the subject, but when I either used my mouse to move the cursor to the body of the message (or tabbed to the body of the message) the cursor disappeared. Now and again I go back to the New Yahoo Mail to see if the problem still exists and so far the problem has not been rectified. It doesn't matter which computer I use (I have several). One of my computers has Windows XP Professional for an operating system, and my other computers have Windows 7 as the operating system. So the problem isn't with my computer. I'm wondering if I somehow clicked something I shouldn't have causing the cursor to disappear which might cause a problem on any computer I would use (that perhaps affects my account in general, but only in the New Yahoo Mail). But I haven't been able to figure it out on my own. And one more thing....I've also tried using Internet Explorer to compose a new message using the New Yahoo Mail and the cursor disappeared there as well. This only happens when typing a brand new message. I can forward messages and reply to messages just fine.


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I don't recall making any changes to my computer before I started having problems with the New Yahoo Mail. I have this same problem on all 4 of my computers, so it would have had to be a change I made within the New Yahoo Mail software, not my computer. I could have inadvertently checked or unchecked something but I haven't been able to figure out what. Do you know of a way I could ask "Yahoo" directly? Someone has to have created the New Yahoo Mail.....In the meantime I'm using Yahoo Classic Mail. It's not as user friendly as the New Yahoo Mail (when it worked), but I'll use whatever works for now!!! Another thing that happens is now and again I get switched back to the New Yahoo Mail without requesting it.....go figure!

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In the new Yahoo mail start a new email and then click plain next near the top right of the email :

Yahoo Mail Plain Text.JPG

After switching to plain text (from rich text) are you able to compose an email?

If there is still an issue do you use the same web browser on all 4 computers? Did you try a different browser on any of the computers? Do you have the latest flash player installed? Is there a program such as file hippo on your computer to help you make sure all of your software is up to date?



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Hi Raymond,

:thanks:for trying, but I've tried everything you've suggested all to no avail. I'm convinced that the New Yahoo Mail is just not going to cooperate and there is nothing I can do about it. So I'll stick with Yahoo Classic Mail. Whatever works!!! Right??