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Recently my boss received an email from me which I did not send out. The email is not those normal advertising gimmick, it's a private and personal conversation between and someone. After realising it, I went to check my sent message, but there isn't record to show that I sent out any email. I am afraid that this particular conversation will be sent out to other personnel in my contacts, thus I deleted all my messages and closed the account. However I do still feel uneasy about it as I do not know how many of my contacts had already received my email, is there a way to track?? pls advice.


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Did this happen within a corporate mail system such as Microsoft Exchange or public email accounts such as Gmail accounts?

Can you boss get the full email headers?

Was it a real conversation that they were somehow copied on or a fake conversation where someone else forged it as coming from your email account?

Is it possible that you boss has the mail system setup so that they silently get a copy of all emails sent with your companies email servers?

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Thanks alot for your respond.

1) My boss email is a corporate mail system because it's send to the company email address.

2) The full header is exactly the same as what was being stated when our conversation started.

3) It was a real conversation whereby it was being sent out from my email account. I am very sure because my boss send me back and told me that I might have virus in my email and when I saw the sender, it's from me. The surprising thing was, when I went to the sent message, I did not see any record of it. For your infor, his personal assistant also got the same mail and its from the same company address as well.

4) It is not possible that my boss has the mail system setup so that they silently get a copy of all emails sent with my companies email servers because the private conversation was sent through my own hotmail. And for your infor again, I did not have a company email address yet. I am communicating with them through my own hotmail, if his server can track my email that was send out to others, he would have received all my mail, but why that particular one?

I think the most important lead would be that the conversation that was being sent out to my boss, is with an unknown person which she claim that she is from US. We exchanged about 10 over emails and I stop there.

Now, could she be the one behind all these things that was happening?

If it's so, how can I know whether how many address did she forward the messages to?

Why isn't there any record in my "sent" folder ?

Look forward to your favorable reply


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Most importanly, is there any ways you can help me track where did this "conversation" send to other than my boss and his personal assistant??