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Hello, I'm new here, thanks for listening to my question. I am secretary for a 700 member Club and have a need to send 400 e-mails frequently and mostly with 4+mb attachments.

I am using MS Outlook currently and have MS Office 2007. In order to accomplish this mass e-mail task I have had to break down the membership in distribution lists of 25 and send each distribution seperately. Obviously this takes time and is subject to members being left off the e-mail distribution.

When I attempt to send all 17 distribution lists Blind Copy at once with one e-mail send to myself, the system rejects the whole thing as spam.

Two Questions:

1.) Can I accomplish what I want to do in Outlook?
2.) Do I need something else and if so what might that be.


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Hi zane,

It's probably best to avoid using your company or ISP's smtp servers when sending your mailing lists.

There are several services that if you used them could take care of many issues related to the sending of your newsletters including Constant Contact, iContact, and Vertical Response.

For the volume of email you are sending try taking a look at Mail Chimp. The Mail Chimp service is free if you stay within their monthly sending limits and they also have free email templates and other information to help you get started available online.

Please let us know which service you choose and why you liked them.

:thanks: and Welcome to Email Questions!


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thanks, I've registered with MailChimp and looked around a bit. It looks like this could work except they do not allow an attachment for a PDF file and all my attempts to create an HTML file from MS Publisher don't work.